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My name is Chef Katiana Michel


Seasoned in the preparation, production, and execution of party and Brunch/Dinner menus. Travel to homes & businesses to prepare your family meals or to teach master culinary classes. Another Specialty: Not only do we prepare Southern American cuisine but we also prepare Haitian Caribbean cuisine, Mediterranean, Asian-Fusion, and French as well. Haitian food is truly something special. The staff and clients who have tried it have become dedicated believers. We are confidant that you will be a believer as well.


Established in 2018.

After graduation from culinary school, Chef Kat began traveling all over the United States to prepare dishes for individuals who didn't have the time to cook or shop for their own groceries. Over the years the business has expanded to add private culinary lessons, anniversaries, weekly meal subscriptions for disabled families,celebrities, ambassador lunches, private air bnb brunch/dinners, romantic couples retreats and vacation homes, bachelor/bachelorette events, engagement parties, and weddings.


Chef Kat's own words

Coming from a Haitian background, my love for cooking runs deep within my family roots. Choosing to go to culinary school allowed me to combine my love for cooking and baking with classical professional training. I find pure joy in being able to complete a tasty and fulfilling meal for a client. My services are never compared to tv dinners or frozen meal businesses that exist.  I am happy to step into your kitchens and show you my best work. 


Happy Memories

Chicken Marsala, Garlic Herb Pasta and Asparagus

Chicken Marsala, Garlic Herb Pasta and Asparagus

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